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Interesting facts!


The largest antiques fair of the Benelux is situated in Tongeren every Sunday of the month. Starting at 6h, early birds can discover lots of original and authentic stuff at surprisingly low prices. 40 antiques shops and 350 booth keepers create a unique, sociable surrounding. 


Galloroman museum – European Museum of the Year 2011. In this modern, architectonic building you will discover that our post does not have to be boring. Key words are:  experience, interaction, animation and astonishment.

Tasty things

Tongeren also has some regional products:

  • The caëder-cookie, based on the mysterious roman object that you can have a look at in the Galloroman museum
  • Ambiorix chocolate based on the bravest of all Gauls
  • The ‘Caesarke’, brandy with barley rye
  • Amburon-beer

To purchase at Tourism Tongeren – Via Julianus 5 - 3700 Tongeren


Every first Sunday of the month, stores are open and Tongeren’s merchants are ready to welcome, serve, advise and spoil you… 

Must see as well…

  • The Basilica
  • The treasury room "Teseum"
  • The roman cloister
  • The Archeological cellar
  • The beguinage (museum & church)
  • The monastery
  • The statue of Ambiorix on the market square

Wine château

The wine château of Genoelselderen is the only château in Belgium and therefore it is also the biggest vineyard of the country. Genoelselderen is situated 5km of Tongeren.

Art galleries

Galery Artiorix

Galery Linda Beirnaert


Thermen Sané

Health and Wellness centre Visa Versa

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