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Vakantie in Tongeren

Vakantie in Tongeren

Vakantie in Limburg

Vakantie in Tongeren

Tongeren is de ideale uitvalsbasis voor uw vakantie in Limburg. Er is heel wat te beleven! Ontdek het hier.

Met de tips op deze pagina, willen we jullie graag helpen om een mooie vakantie te plannen in en rond de oudste stad van België, Tongeren.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Wijndomein Cuvelier

Domein Cuvelier heeft wijngaarden in Jesseren, Kerniel en Haren, idyllische deelgemeenten van Borgloon, parel van het Limburgse Haspengouw en hart van de bloesemstreek.

Yves en Patrick, twee broers, runnen samen het domein.

Ze werden grootgebracht tussen de peren- en appelbomen en delen een passie voor wijn.

Yves is fruithandelaar en maakt de wijn, Patrick is fruitteler en dus baas in de wijngaarden.

In 2000 plantte Domein Cuvelier de eerste stokken Chardonnay en Pinot Noir.

Later kwamen daar Pinot Meunier, Grüner Veltliner en Sauvignon Blanc bij.

Verspreid over een oppervlakte van ongeveer 2.5 hectare staan er zo’n 12.000 stokken onder de Limburgse zon.

Er worden voornamelijk mousserende wijnen gemaakt maar sinds enkel jaren ook witte en rode wijnen.

Domein Cuvelier is van de overtuiging dat om de juiste aroma’s te verkrijgen, de druiven perfect rijp moeten zijn voor de oogst.

Kenmerkend voor de wijnen van Domein Cuvelier is het fruitige karakter en de typische Noordelijke zuurtjes.

Interested in visiting the wine domain?
This is possible with a guided tour and tasting. Only on reservation

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Afstand tot hotel : 10 km

Vakantie in Tongeren

Wine castle of Genoelselderen

A walk through the park around the castle of Genoels-Elderen with a beautiful arboretum of age-old rare trees, a view over the rose garden with nearly 1,000 rose bushes in 24 different types and colors of both modern and classical varieties and the most extensive vineyards of Belgium.
You will visit the old coach house where our ultra modern grape press is located, the distillery of Limburgs Levenswater and the heart of the Wijnkasteel, the age-old and new wine cellars. Finally you'll enjoy a wine tasting.
Experienced guides inform you about the past, the present and the future of the domain, the architecture, the work in the vineyards and the complete vinification process from grape to glass in an exciting, humorous and interactive manner.
Our wines and digestifs are the result of a unique terroir, healthy grapes, hard work and passion and cannot be compared to any other product.
Individual rates
Adult: € 10 (incl. 1 sample and guide fee), € 15 (incl. 3 samples and guide fee), € 24 (incl. 6 samples and guide fee) child -14 years: € 7.50 (incl. Apple juice and guide fee)


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Afstand van het hotel : 7 km

Vakantie in Tongeren

Wijndomein Optimbulles

Winemakers Guy Geunis, Maxim Geunis, Theo Pasque and Rik Schreurs started a vineyard in Jesseren (Hoogveld) in the 90s. They decided to focus on sparkling wines from the three champagne grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Optimbulles makes it a point of honor to work as naturally as possible and not to sweeten it so that one speaks of Brut Nature. For several years, high-quality apples from Borgloon have also been used to make sparkling wine. Optimbulles also makes red and white natural wines.
Tour by the winemaker himself between the vines, followed by a tasting in the middle of the vineyard.
Individual rates
Wine terrace: Sunday, April 26, 2020 - free admission, tasting for a fee
Group rates
Tour by the winemaker himself between the vines, followed by a tasting in the middle of the vineyard.
Tasting with three glasses: € 10 per person
Visits are only possible by reservation. Preferably on Wednesday or in the weekend.

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Vakantie in Tongeren

Wijndomein Sassenbroek - mousserende wijn 'CLAIRE MARTIN'

Wijndomein Sassenbroek is the local producer of the Flemish sparkling quality wines "Claire Martin".

The sparkling wines are produced according to the traditional method, as the Champagnes are made in France.
This is done entirely in-house, at the winery in Zonhoven.
Claire Martin is an honest product, produced with respect for nature.
It is also a delicious product that is welcomed by connoisseurs.
These undosed sparkling wines are fresh and fruity with a nice balance between rounded acids and fruity and mineral aromas. Very tasty with fresh dishes such as fruits de mer or fish, and excellent as an aperitif.

The vineyard is beautifully situated in Borgloon - Broekom, exactly where the foundations of the Roman villa "Sassenbroek" were found at the end of the 1980s, and within walking or cycling distance of the Borgloon tourist routes.

Groups are welcome from 10 people and by appointment.
You get background information about the Roman history of the place, about the history of viticulture in Limburg, about us.
The vine grower and winemaker Johan Bellens explains the work in the vineyard.
you finish of course with a glass of Claire Martin
Wine can be purchased afterwards.
Cost for the tour incl. tasting is 15 euros per person.

The vineyard is freely accessible to everyone during the wine terrace weekends.
Johan is ready for those who would like to know more about the work in the vineyard and in the winery.
Those who want to can spread their picnic blanket
Ideal as a stopover during a walk in Borgloon or to come and enjoy the beautiful nature.
Admission is free, for a glass of Claire Martin you pay € 5.

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Vakantie in Tongeren

Wijndomein Marsnil

Youngest generation Vanmarsenille-Cornelis takes the step to growing white and red grapes. The seven grandchildren of Paul Vanmarsenille give new purpose to "difficult" fields. The surface appears to be the ideal soil for the construction of a unique vineyard.
Spicy detail: the vineyard is in the "Marsnil" area, undoubtedly the origin of our Vanmarsenille family name. This place is already mentioned on the Herkenrode maps (1660) as "The Marsenil velt": Mars = swamp, ille = island.
For the time being, the vineyard has 1400 Chardonnay sticks. In 2017, 800 Pinot Noir sticks, 150 Riesling, 150 Gewurztraminer and 150 Auxerrois were added. The cultivation takes place naturally, with preparations based on herbs and plants from the environment, without the use of pesticides. Unique in Flanders.

Would you like to have a look behind the scenes of our family winery combined with a wine tasting dinner or lunch? Our family provides guided tours and tastings by appointment!

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Vakantie in Tongeren

Wijndomein Hoenshof

About Jerom Winery
A new future for Haspengouw
Jeroen and father prof. Ghislain Houben saw the crisis in the apple and pear sector as an opportunity to make tasty wines. In the rolling Haspengouw landscape, on southern and somewhat higher flanks, vineyards where once orchards stood. Jerom Winery purchases the harvest from the local fruit grower in its entirety, thus creating sustainable collaborations. (more: www.jeromwinery.be) Come and discover it and taste it.
Discover and taste it at your own pace, € 6 per person.
Ask for our wine experience in the bicycle café (Helshovenstraat 18, Borgloon), you will receive a map that will guide you around the farm. On the basis of a virtual film and explanation through the vineyard, Jeroen shows you what is unique about making wine in Belgium. After this experience you can take a seat for the tasting. 3 different wines to fully use your senses: view, smell and taste the Haspengouw terroir.

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Afstand van hotel : 17 km

Vakantie in Tongeren

Domein Schorpion

Domain Schorpion has an area of almost 2 hectares. It is located on a southern slope in Vliermaal. We make sparkling wine according to the Méthode Traditionnelle.
During the months April - September you are welcome every Sunday from 2 pm for our wine terrace. If you would like to purchase wine, you can do this by appointment. Are you already in the area? You can always ring the bell!


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Afstand van het hotel : 9 km

Vakantie in Tongeren

Wijndomein Kitsberg

This is a family business where viticulture is done according to modern techniques. The planted vines are chardonnay, pinot gris, pinot blanc and müller-thurgau. The tour takes place in the Hoolstraat.


Afstand tot hotel : 20 km

Vakantie in Tongeren

Gloire de Duras

Peter Nijskens started a family project in viticulture in 2015. The wine estate Gloire de Duras is mainly located in Wilderen and Duras. The planted vines are Chardonnay, Auxerrois and Pinot Gris. The Nijskens family also planted Riesling in the walled garden of the Castle of Duras.

ndividual visits: every Sunday in April 2020, Sunday 10 and 24 May 2020, Sunday 14 June 2020 and Sunday 13 December 2020. The tour starts promptly at 3 p.m. The vineyard is visited in good weather. You will receive one sample afterwards. Price: € 5 per person.

Groups: by appointment throughout the year.

Wine weekend: Sunday, July 19, 2020 and Tuesday, July 21, 2020, free entry from 1 pm to 8 pm. Unique tours in the clos at the Castle of Duras. You can register for the tour by sending an email to info@gloirededuras.be. The price for the tour is € 5 per person. The tours take place at 13:30, 15:30 and 17:30.


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Afstand van hotel : 27 km

Vakantie in Tongeren

Statue of Ambiorix


Vakantie in Tongeren

Uitkijktoren vanaf 2023

In 2023 zal de stoere gotische toren van de Onze-Lieve-Vrouwebasiliek voor het publiek ontsloten zijn. 55 meter hoger wacht dan een prachtig vergezicht over de stad Tongeren en het glooiende, groene Haspengouw errond.
Whoever wants to get to the roof will have to climb a total of 300 steps. So it will also be a sporting exercise. But it will also be a museum trail for visitors. On the way up, the story of the tower - originally built as the belfry of the medieval city of Tongeren - is shown and told. There will be a platform where visitors can enjoy a truly magnificent panorama: Maastricht, the straight-lined paved roads, the rolling Haspengouw, the mine rils, but also a spectacular bird's eye view from the basilica itself

Vakantie in Tongeren

The Basilica of Our Lady

Dit is één van de mooiste gotische religieuze bouwwerken van België. De constructie nam 300 jaar in beslag. De eerste stenen werden al in 1240 gelegd, bovenop de restanten van nog veel oudere gebouwen. Het imposante belfort van de basiliek prijkt op de Werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO

Vakantie in Tongeren


You step inside the beautiful story of the religious art treasures or you discover the secrets of the archaeological subsurface. There is a separate course for every age. An interesting opportunity to unravel the fascinating past of Tongeren.

Vakantie in Tongeren


Elke zondag snuisteren duizenden bezoekers uit alle hoeken van de wereld rond op de antiekmarkt bij zo’n 40 gerenommeerde antiekshops en ruim 350 standhouders. Een bruisende sfeer in een historische setting.

Meer Uitleg
Vakantie in Tongeren

Gallo-Roman museum

From Neanderthal to Gallo-Roman. The permanent exhibition tells the multifaceted story of mankind in the Limburg region. From prehistory to the end of Roman times.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Beguinage museum "Beghina"

The beguines lived here
Vakantie in Tongeren

House of Theelen

Discover the story of the Limburgs most famous newspaper!

Huis Theelen is located in a former canon house. These houses formed a separate neighborhood in the city until the end of the 18th century and housed the canons who controlled the chapter of the basilica. Between 1890 and 1918, founder and publisher Nicolaas Theelen established his printer there and published "Algemeen Belang der Provincie Limburg", Het Belang van Limburg", meaning "The Importance of Limburg".

House of Theelen
Vakantie in Tongeren

Walking between dry and humid Haspengouw

These are 6 signposted walks where you walk on the slopes of the flowering fruit trees and the characteristic southern agriculture. You walk through Piringen, Overrepen, Kolmont, Neerrepen and Riksingen. Good for 40 km of walking pleasure. An accompanying hiking map is available.

Bekijk digitale wandelkaarten
Vakantie in Tongeren

Walking along the Jeker

From the old Tongeren city walls, the Jeker flows powerfully through the Haspengouw landscape and gives shape to the entire area. Follow the flanks of this river via 9 signposted routes that take you through the Tongeren suburbs Sluizen, Mal, Nerem and the nature reserve “De Kevie”. Here you really imagine yourself in the uninhabited world. An accompanying hiking map is available

Bekijk digitale wandelkaarten
Vakantie in Tongeren

Enjoy a walk in nature and choose a tour in "De Kevie"

De Kevie is een uitgestrekt natuurgebied met een zeer waardevolle fauna en flora. Dit natuurgebied ligt vlakbij het centrum. Dit natuurpark heeft tot doel kwetsbare dier en plantsoorten en hun habitat te beschermen. Er zijn 4 bewegwijzerde wandelingen tussen 2 km en 4 km.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Haspengouw on wheels

Limburg has the best bicycle route network

Montainbikenetwork Euregio :
Dit netwerk loopt grotendeels over landelijke paden en veldwegen in de provincie Belgisch en Nederlands Limburg. Info vind je terug op www.sportvlaanderen.be

Cycling routes:
Interesting cycle route in and around the oldest city in Belgium contains 4 detailed cycle loops. The routes are between 26 km and 45 km and take you through the rural surroundings of Haspengouw. Map is available at Tongeren tourism and via gis3700.be/fietsen. You can download the GPS coordinates on the website.

Bekijk digitale fietskaarten
Vakantie in Tongeren

Walking in the Voer region.

The Voeren region is one of the most beautiful Flemish walking regions. You can now explore the beautiful landscape via the signposted hiking network, good for around 125 kilometers of walking pleasure. With the help of more than 90 numbered junctions you can plan your walk on unpaved and traffic-restricted paths. You can also determine the length of your course yourself in advance. Or you can follow one of the themed walks that lead you along forests, rivers, hollow roads, stately farms and castles, special craftsman houses and beautiful panoramas. The most beautiful walk in Flanders holiday country (Sources Walk) is also part of this network.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Jongeren – Archeo­logische site (12-16 j.) (45 min)

Claudia goes on a marvelous journey with Magnus. The conversations between the two teenagers enhance the imagination of the listener. Motivated with stories about their view of history, they move deeper into the corridors of the archaeological site.

Not a boring museum visit but really interesting for all ages!

Vakantie in Tongeren

Kids - Treasureroom tour(6-12 y.) (1 u)

Fire! Fire! Take a tough rescue operation with Servaas. This naughty altar boy knows the treasure house like the back of his hand. Together you save a lot of art objects from the fire. The reward for such brave behavior? That is your own treasure chest at the end of the tour.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Swimming pool Plinius

A splash with family and friends? Want to do solo laps? Or relax on a lawn of 38 acres with a view of the oldest city? It's possible in the ultramodern open-air swimming complex with 3 swimming pools: a competition pool of 25 meters, a leisure pool and a pool for the little ones.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Rowing, mini golf or swimming?

In city park "De Motten" families can play a game of mini golf with the kids or rent a rowing boat.
Tongeren also has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool at the Pliniuspark

Vakantie in Tongeren

Thermen Sane : relax in the neighborhood

Would you like to relax in a wellness center during your stay?
Thermen Sané is only 3 km away. There is a wide choice of relaxation options: indoor and outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, etc. In the summer you can also use the sun lawn, where your cocktail, wine or snacks are brought to your seat.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Digital "quests" for kids

“Out and about with beguine Lea”
This quest is full of cool assignments and will take you to Lea’s beguinage house.

"Find the treasure of Ambiorix"
You search through the city center of Tongeren with your tablet or smartphone. If you find the treasure then there is a cool gadget waiting for you.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Children's trail Moerenpoort

This games and scent trail lets the children experience the medieval Moerenpoort on a child's size. You walk with the figures Elemoed and Palmerijn through the three floors of this building.

Vakantie in Tongeren

On the road with Joris Ambiorix

A child-sized walk within the red route of the Milestone route with fun games, riddles and photo search for the youngest detectives.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Shops open on Sundays

Every first Sunday of the month

The shops in Tongeren are open every first Sunday of the month for an extra shopping moment.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Maasmechelen Village

Designer Outlet with more than 100 boutiques. Ask for your VIP pass in our hotel for extra discounts

Vakantie in Tongeren

Open Air Museum Bokrijk

The Bokrijk Provincial Domain is a 550-hectare domain. It is mainly known for its open-air museum, arboretum and outdoor playground. The area is protected in Europe as a Natura 2000 site

Vakantie in Tongeren

Bilzen Mysteries

Easter holidays up to and including Christmas holidays - Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. - Open 7/7 during school holidays

Night falls, Alden Biesen castle comes alive.
Step through the gate, turn on your tablet and walk along in the story.
Past and present merge into one big adventure full of spectacular image, sound and light effects.
Follow the Lord of Biesen, performed by the famous Belgian actor Jan Decleir.
He knows all the secrets of this historic place.
800 years of history, from the dark Middle Ages to a devastating fire.
Do you dare to take this time journey?

Vakantie in Tongeren

Spa Francorchamps 2021

29-30-31 Augustus en 1 juli 2021

Formule 1 in Spa Francorchamps


Vakantie in Tongeren

The fort of Eben Emael

Herbeleef de geschiedenis en bezoek de heringerichte kazerne, het museum, het immense gangenstelsel en de gevechtsopstellingen.


Vakantie in Tongeren

Marl caves of Kanne

The Caves of Kanne, an authentic quarry where people still work and live. The local baker prepares the batter for his famous rice flan, guests forget their worries in a beautiful banquet hall, farmers store their agricultural products and there is still an authentic mushroom farm.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Coal mine of Blegny

1 of the 4 mining sites of Wallonia recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO

Vakantie in Tongeren

Blossoms by bike or Vespa

Vakantie in Tongeren

Moerenpoort museum

Vakantie in Tongeren

Milestone route

The milestone route guides you through the rich heritage of the city. Follow the stepping stones in the colored letter “M”. We are happy to lend you a Milestone guide to discover these 3 tours (red, blue and green).

Digitale Mijlpaalroute
Vakantie in Tongeren

Place Saint Lambert

Vakantie in Tongeren

Castle Alden Biesen

The history of Alden Biesen begins in 1220, when the German Knighthood established the Land Commandery. This Order was divided into 12 bars or provinces. Alden Biesen grew into the headquarters of the Balies Biesen, which itself consisted of 12 subordinate command lines. The showpiece, Alden Biesen, was the property of the land commander. The castle domain had its heyday between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Vakantie in Tongeren

Shops open every Sunday

After a visit to the famous antique market you can go shopping on the Sunday afternoon in cozy Maastricht.